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Does Lasix make you tired?

In order to fully understand if Lasix can make you tired, you need to know more about the way in which this medication does its work. Namely, it is used primarily for treating hypertension and edema, or the buildup of fluids in different parts of the body.
The way in which Lasix does this is by acting on the part of the kidney known as the loop of Henle. This is the place where certain elements from the urine get reabsorbed. As Lasix inhibits the reabsorption of those elements, the urine gets expelled more efficiently and less water is reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Does Lasix make you tired?This leads to the decrease in the blood volume, which in turn results in the lowering of blood pressure and in amelioration of edemas.When people are asking about whether Lasix will make them tired, they either heard from people who have been using loop diuretics such as Lasix, or they have heard that there is a possibility that using Lasix will make them feel tired. However, the truth is a bit more complicated than the simple yes and now.The fact is that sing Lasix also gets rid of some of the elements in the body, not only the water. All of these elements are crucial for the normal functioning of our body, elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride and calcium. With the use of loop diuretics, it is possible that the patient might develop insufficiency of some of these elements.

It is this deficiency that can result in fatigue and muscle weakness that is recognized as being tired. For example, it is possible that the patient might develop hypochloremia (insufficiency of chloride in the blood, hypokalemia (insufficiency of potassium), hyponatremia (insufficiency of sodium), or hypomagnesemia (insufficiency of magnesium in the body). Most of these insufficiencies may cause tiredness.However, the use of Lasix on its own will not cause tiredness. The only case in which the use of Lasix may cause tiredness is if the levels of certain elements in the body become too low. It has to be noted that there are many ways to avoid this.

First of all, if you use Lasix as prescribed and you do not make changes to the regimen on your own, you reduce the possibility that you might suffer from any of the aforementioned insufficiencies. In addition to this, you may start taking supplements that are going to replace the amount of those ions that you have lost through use of Lasix.In conclusion, if you are using Lasix as prescribe and if you come for regular checkups with your doctor, you are going to avoid developments that will lead to tiredness. Lasix in itself will not cause tiredness.